Review of Zohra’s memoir ‘The Other I’ is not only a handbook for a life well-lived, along with its ensuing challenges and triumphs, but also a truthful testament to the immigrant experience with which many readers will relate. She takes us on a journey across continents and cultures, diving deep into aspects of the human condition which are universally known to us all, and others less familiar but equally worthy of reflection.

Through her keen observations and quirky sense of fun, Zohra engages, often amuses, and certainly entertains the reader, with richly detailed anecdotes, and strikingly thought-provoking poetry highlighting, profiling and celebrating the human condition in all its multi-hued colours and forms. Her writing is a testament to both the evolution of her inner thoughts, and insightful commentary, as she reflects upon and records our universal struggle to evolve, grow and learn from events and our experiences.

We follow Zohra, embarking upon this fascinating journey, as she finds her place and makes her mark in this strangely familiar yet often culturally alien world in which we live. As Zohra both ‘enlightens and entertains’ the reader, bridging the gaps in our understanding of one another, she revels in the highs, successes, and momentous moments of life, while thoughtfully putting the lows into perspective with her ‘glass half-full’ view of life. Zohra’s infectious positivity and inherent curiosity are her superpowers.

A chameleon like ability to switch roles and transform from naïve, newlywed home maker, to award-winning banking executive, playwright, author, poet, director, (grand)mother, and caregiver lend substance, colour and charm to a personality whose multi-dimensional facets reflect us, and which we can recognize within ourselves.

If you’re prepared to be enthralled, intrigued and inspired, climb aboard for the epic, adventure-filled ride of her life, and experience the literary joy of a great read, Zohra Zoberi’s Odyssey of ‘The Other I’.

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